Thursday, February 13

Healthy Life Thursday

Welcome to my venture of assigning a day of the week to sharing something specific with you! Haha, real exciting I know! 
Anyways, I ventured into clean eating the beginning of January after seeing a few people have great results. Checked into what it was all about and started implementing a few ideas here and there. I stopped eating refined flours and sugars, cut out processed stored boxed foods and started eating a lot more fruits, veggies and whole grains. I also added in things like Greek yogurt, almond milk, chia seeds and protein powder. 
Well, as good as that all sounds, I still get cravings. Just to show you it's not as strict as you might suspect here's a recipe I made last night that actually made Spinach Artichoke dip seem healthy.
1 can artichoke (chopped)
1 package frozen spinach
10 oz cauliflower Alfredo sauce (will post recipe soon)
6 oz low fat cream cheese
2 Tbsp minced garlic
1/4 low fat Parmesan cheese
1/2 cup low fat mozzarella on top

Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

I are mine with a roasted whole grain pita. Delicious!! And it hit that craving for some warm cheesy goodness. I'll be back next week with more healthy living chatter.

- Christy

Saturday, February 8

It Was a Snowy Saturday...

...and I was sitting around looking at crafting and organizing ideas. Trying to do some of them but not successfully due to my 14 month daughter running away with the instructions. 
I've also been sitting around thinking lately that I would like to come back to my blog and start sharing my ideas, creations and everyday stories again. So, here I am, writing a quick post to say "hello" again! 
Here's what we've been up to today...
Organizing all my cupboards & the pantry.
Organizing and cleaning the fridge.
And reading snowy stories while it snows outside.
Just a quick peek at what's going on around our house today. Look for more posts in the near future! If you're reading this, thank you for still being around!
- Christy

Wednesday, May 8

Wordless Wednesday

I'm going to flood my own blog with a bunch of layouts that I haven't had time to share. No words about the layouts this time...just click for credits! Thanks for looking!

Friday, May 3

iNSD @ Pixels & Co.

Welcome!!! If you're on the P&Co Creative Team blog hop, you should have gotten here from Linda's blog In the Making. You are seriously going to want to join in the fun at Pixels & Company this weekend!

There is a HUGE Designer Collab that you can get for free! Seriously, check out this awesomeness!
Go over to the Pixels & Company blog to check out all the iNSD happenings and find out how to get the kit. Along with a HUGE Designer Collab, the CT team has also put together 59 FABULOUS journal cards for you to snag 
just by completing this blog hop!
But first, we're all sharing some of our favorite kits from P&Co. designers. 
Here's my fave four for your viewing and scrapping pleasure...
Okay, so now you're wondering, "how do I get all those awesome journal cards?!" You're going to want to make sure that you started at the beginning of this list of Creative Team blogs and then hop to them all in order.

You will be collecting a letter at each blog to create a coupon code, along with getting inspired by all the other favorite kits that the CT members are sharing! When you're done hopping, you'll add the journal cards to your cart and then enter this coupon code at check out. Make sure that you hop to all of the blogs and keep your letters in order. The letter that you need from me is...

Next you'll head over to Barbara's blog Cre8ive Escape. Have fun and don't forget to join in at P&Co!
Happy iNSD!!!

Sunday, February 17

First Date

Chad and I got to go out on our first official date since Kalli was born! The wonderful Boone County Hospital gave us a gift certificate when Kalli was born for supper at the Country Club. We decided to use it on Valentine's Day and went to the prime rib and shrimp buffet. We had a few drinks and got to just talk and hang out while Grandpa Lew and Grandma Pam babysat. We took the customary "driving in the car" picture. Ah, reminds me of the old days!
The awesome Valentine's Day kit is The Ruby Papers & Elements from The Ardent Sparrow at Pixels & Co. Hurry quick to grab them while they are still on sale for your Valentine's Day pages! 

Also, I have to share this adorable picture of our little family. Kalli has on the cutest V-day outfit...some red stripe pants with a red ruffly skirt and a red and teal heart t-shirt! *love*

Friday, February 15

New Release Friday

It's release day at Pixels & Company!!! Everything is 30% off so go check out all the goodies!
One of my favorites this adorable Valentine's Day kit from Rebecca, The Ardent Sparrow.

Wednesday, February 13

My Latest Layouts

This will just be a drive by post! Keeping busy with the baby and she sleeps so well at night that she doesn't usually nap very long during the day. Here are some new layouts from me, 2 are Project Life pages which you can always find on my Project Life page at the top. *click image for layout credits*
Thanks for stopping by! Hope to have more to write next time!