Friday, September 12

Friday Favorites - Big Sister Edition

Not only will we be adding a new baby boy to our family in October, but Kalli is becoming a big sister. As excited as we are to meet this baby boy, I'm so excited to see her grow into her new roll too! She is already so good at being helpful and loves to take care of her baby doll. She wraps her in a blanket, pushes her in the stroller, feeds her with a bottle and will rock and sing to her. She is so sweet and knows that I have a baby in my tummy and will randomly give my belly kisses unprompted. *heart melt* I've been getting a big sister "present from baby" ready for her because I want her to have something special/exciting for just her from the baby. Here's a bunch of items that would be perfect for a little girl taking on the exciting new roll of big sister!
Big Sister shirt | Big Sister necklace | character socks | Play-Doh | stickers | My New Baby
I included some stuff that is "big sister" specific and some that is just fun stuff for Kalli. We've been reading the "My New Baby" book to Kalli for a while now and she seems to like seeing the different stuff that big girls do and babies do. When we ask her where Kalli is, she will point to the big girl. I got the play doh so she will have something fun to do at Grandma & Grandpa's that night and for the week when my mom will be here helping. The stickers are for when she's in the hospital visiting us and gets impatient or too crazy! She has also started having an obsession with her socks now that it's getting cool out. She will not let anyone take them off and when we do she throws a fit unless we let her carry them around with her. Makes for some stinky cute little toes!

We will be cuddling inside this weekend because it is seriously almost cold here! Bring on the football and soup! Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 8

Our Lately

Hello to another Monday. I'm really dragging today. It's warmed back up to the mid 80's but is supposed to be down in the 50's later this week. We haven't really been up to a whole lot lately which is why I haven't posted a lot. The allergies have reared their ugly heads and I feel itchy and sneezy by the end of every day. So that means Kalli either gets to stay inside with me or go to the shop with Dad for a while. She doesn't mind, as long as I have Frozen on for her.
We've slowly been working through some projects and to-do lists but I'm not quite ready to share yet. We took a break and took Kalli to her first Husker volleyball game last weekend. We decided that she's probably a little too young but she really like Lil' Red during time outs. And of course we thought she looked adorable in her Husker red!
As you can see, I'm getting really pregnant. We're 35 weeks now so I'm counting down my last 4 weeks until we get to meet this little guy. But oh what a long 4 weeks they will be. The swelling is starting along with not being able to all. I waddle and my hips and legs hurt all day. Soon, very soon I tell myself. Nothing a little fall pumpkin spice cookie/bar/coffee/roll can't cure. (Along with some Tums!)

Be back soon with baby room projects & a few other fun things! Happy Fall y'all!

Friday, September 5

Hospital Bag Packing

We're counting down weeks and I'm getting so anxious and excited! I've been making a list of things to pack just so I don't forget anything and just in case I go into labor before our c-section date. I'll be putting together my bag about a week or two ahead of time so I thought I'd share my list with you guys. I know that there are a TON of lists out there for what to pack to take to the hospital. I know because I searched and read a million of them when I was preparing for Kalli...and then I over packed. It's really not that complicated and I've learned a few things just from doing it once (the wrong way). Since this is a repeat C-section for me, my hospital bag may be different than most but take from it what you will. This may not be the same for everyone so do what suits you best.

For Mommy - Last time, I didn't take a shower the first day (we had her in the evening the day before), stayed in my hospital gown and for clothes I had brought some loose t-shirts & my husband's shorts. I have no idea why I did this because I looked terrible in pictures and I probably would have felt better if I'd looked better or had some cute clothes. This time, I'm just taking some of my maternity yoga pants, nursing tops & a zip up sweatshirt for if it's cold in the room. I'll take some slippers to walk around in and just wear some flats when I show up at the hospital and then wear those again when we leave.
Don't worry about taking a lot of personal bathroom items (ehm, lady items). They will give you everything you need and it's only for a couple days so it will be fine to just use theirs. I am taking my own travel size items like shampoo, toothpaste, facial wipes & deodorant. For hair & make-up, I'm just taking the basics - powder, mascara, bobby pin, hair tie and some mousse if I feel like fixing my hair a little after my shower.
Don't take a breast pump to the hospital. They should give you one and most insurances will actually now cover a breast pump for each pregnancy. I didn't use it while I was there anyways. I am taking breast pads though. If your milk comes in or if you're already leaking these could come in handy.
Do make sure you take your electronics (phone, camera, ipad/kindle) for a little entertainment & don't forget the chargers! Our hospital gave us a camera to use while we were there and then gave us a disc with all the pictures on it when we left. But, it's nice to have your own too and of course your phone so you can share the happy news with family & friends. I used an app to track feedings last time so I will definitely need my electronics this time around too.

For Baby - Take an outfit for coming home and maybe one other one if it's super important to you but the hospital will provide some sleep sacks while you're there and they will be the ones changing their clothes for the most part anyways. Do take some socks, mittens, a onesie & a hat for the little one. Again, the hospital will probably provide these things but it's nice to have your own, especially for going home. The hospital will have blankets too but I'm still going to take one of my own to cover myself with while nursing and a warm one for in the car seat when we leave. Don't bother taking anything else for baby. They will seriously have everything you could possibly need and will most likely send it all home with you.

I honestly can not wait to actually pack my hospital bag! I'm one of those crazy planner people and getting stuff like this done makes everything so much more exciting and real. I'm also busy getting a present ready for Kalli "from the baby" and I will be back to share all of my ideas on that soon too! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 19

Third Trimester

Oh, only a few more weeks! It will be here before you know it! Cherish these last months. The good things I hear. You like like you're ready to pop! How many more "days"? Haven't you had that baby yet? The not so good things. Granted, I have said all of these to myself in my head at some point. The third trimester is the craziest of crazy roller coasters.
I'm always halfway between knowing baby should keep baking until the last moment and just wanting him to come early so this pregnancy can be over. I love his little kicks and rolls and knowing I'm doing something super cool but seriously, I also would love to sit, walk, sleep, drive and basically move like a normal person again.
Hello third trimester. Crazy emotions, crying for no reason, check. Lack of sleep, weird dreams, rolling around and changing positions every 45 minutes , check. Worrying about everything and counting down days, weeks, doctor appointments, weekends and anything else that can be counted down. Check.
I'm there. 6 1/2 weeks left until our c-section date and it seems like forever. I have the most sympathy ever for those moms who are currently past their due dates. I'd be pulling my hair out (and my husbands). So here I am at 32 weeks.
How far along: 32 weeks
Gender: BOY!
Weight Gain: 30+ lbs
Maternity Clothes: yes, wearing a lot of skirts at work and stretchy tanks at home
Stretch Marks: yes
Belly Button in or out: out-ish
Sleep: tossing & turning, weird dreams and my back and hips hurt
Best moment this week: staying home playing with Kalli & getting stuff, so much gardening!
Worst moment this week: Kalli having bronchiolitis, strep & pneumonia, nebulizer treatments & antibiotics. Me having another ultrasound, worried about being transferred to Omaha for c-section
Miss anything: clothes fitting, a glass of wine and good sleep
Movement: still lots of rolling around, he flipped head down finally
Cravings: none
Queasy or sick: no
Looking forward to: football season, cool weather & meeting this little guy!!!

Also, a warning. If you search Pinterest for third trimester sleep and they tell you to excercise....pppfffttt!!!! Go eat a bowl of ice cream and watch something stupid on TV. They're just crazy! And then go for a 5 minute walk if you feel really guilty. But only 5 minutes because you will probably feel like that was 5 miles. And that's okay! Best of luck to any of you other moms to be out there!

Friday, August 15

Sick Week + Football Favorites

Yeah, that's right...sick week. Kalli has been sick to be exact and not even really "sick". We thought it was just allergies & congestion but when it wouldn't go away I decided to take her in to the doctor. It was bronchiolitis, strep throat and a touch of pneumonia. YIKES! So we have spent the entire week at home doing nebulizer treatments and taking antibiotics. However, the mornings have been sooo nice that we try to get some outside time before the wind picks up all the stinkin' pollen and makes us feel like crap again. She's been a trooper and is doing much better. Back to daycare and work for mom next week as usual.
Those cool mornings have me wishing for fall though. I am so ready to jump into a sweater/hoodie, eat all things pumpkin and decorate like crazy! But yes, I would be crazy! It's only August....but, August at least means one thing good! FOOTBALL! So excited for Husker season to officially start and excited that this little babe will be a fall football baby. Luckily, we will be "interrupting" zero football games with his birth since the weekend after he's born is a by week. In the spirit of football season, we created some football burlap hangers at our final summer camp/food fest last weekend.
I've also been going crazy looking at all the cute football themed decor stuff out on Pinterest. How about this play chalkboard
And I will definitely be doing a game schedule chalkboard like this. I have the perfect chalkboard in mind. I think a cute washi tape banner would look great hanging on the chalkboard too. Like this one...only red.

This amazing wood pallet N is perfect but I seriously don't have time for that. So I'm thinking something a little more this HOME print. I could whip that up on the computer and frame it super quick. 
And finally, what is this baby boy going to wear while cheering on the Huskers?! I picked up a cute little knit football beanie from a local shop and I think it will look so cute with this Nebraska onesie and a pair of Husker socks.
Kalli and I both have new Husker t-shirts and I"m working on some fun hair bows for her. She doesn't leave them very long but oh well! I hope you're enjoying the last little hurrah of summer and also the cool mornings letting us know that fall is on the way. I'm off to sneak in some pumpkin flavored's the least that I can do to get a little festive! :)